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Power Distribution Unit Filtering, Conditioning, Eaton

Filtering and Conditioning

Eaton offers a cost-effective, compact solution for delivering uninterrupted power and protecting sensitive power systems equipment from harmonic noise, power surges, and voltage sags.

  • Facility Surge Protection

    Power Distribution Units, Facility Surge Protection

    Sensitive equipment requires quality power.  Minimize equipment downtime by eliminating voltage transients and electrical noise.  Voltage sags occur 10 to 20 times more than complete outages but can be equally disruptive to system...

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  • Busway Surge Protection

    Power Distribution Units, Busway Surge Protection

    Eaton’s Pow-R-Flex low ampere busway provides an extensive range of surge protection and power distribution solutions for unique and customized applications.  Designed to be safe and easy to install, the Pow-R-Flex is a highly adaptable...

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