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Power Backup (UPS)

HM Cragg has the backup power solution for any industry or application.  Whether you need a few minutes of backup runtime for a small home office or a complete backup power system for a large data center facility, we can tailor an application-specific backup power solution to your needs.

  • Small UPS

    UPS Power Backup, Small UPS, Eaton 3S, 5PX, 5 Series

    HM Cragg offers backup power solutions for your small office, POS, telephone, and networking and server equipment.  Small UPS equipment is more than just a surge protector.  These uninterruptible power supplies constantly safeguard your...

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  • Commercial and IT UPS

    Eaton 9e, Eaton 9155 UPS, BladeUPS, Commercial UPS
  • Large UPS

    UPS Power Backup, Large UPS, Datacenter UPS, Eaton UPS

    Eaton’s proven backup power systems are essential to protecting and maintaining profitability in large data centers, healthcare environments, and other critical applications.  Three phase power capabilities with power ratings from 30 kVA...

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  • Medical Grade UPS

    UPS Power Backup, Medical Grade UPS Systems UL60601

    There are no substitutions for medical-grade quality backup power systems.  These battery backup systems feature low current leakage (less than 100 microamps) for “near patient or staff” applications and are UL2601-1 / UL60601-1...

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  • Industrial UPS

    Industrial Grade UPS, Falcon Electric UPS, Eaton

    Manufactured specifically for harsh environments outside the office, industrial designed UPS equipment is crafted and tested to meet the unpredictable demands of field operations.  A robust design protects against weather, temperature, and...

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  • Wide Temperature UPS

    UPS Power Backup, Wide Temperature UPS, Falcon UPS

    Wide-temperature UPSs have been specifically designed for use in harsh thermal environments.  These highly sophisticated units meet the demands of wide-temperature applications up to 149°F (65°C). All models have received UL 1778, UL...

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  • Batteries

    UPS Power Backup, UPS Replacement Batteries, Eaton, CD

    HM Cragg is your source for sealed lead-acid UPS replacement batteries for UPS equipment and valve regulated batteries for telecom or other industry specific applications.  As a leader in the battery backup industry, we understand the critical...

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