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Connectors and Cables

HM Cragg offers a wide selection of power cables for use with your backup power equipment. These cables include common IEC60320 cord-sets such as C13 to 5-15 cables as well as cables specifically manufactured for use with ePDU's.

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  • C13 and C19 Power Cords

    C13, C19 Cord Sets, Power Connectors, Power Cables

    IEC60320 C13 and C19 cables are commonly used on electronic equipment such as computers, monitors, and servers to ensure international compatibility across different countries’ standards. For example, the most common cable is the C13, which...

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  • Color and Locking Power Cords

    C13, C19 Color, Locking Power Cables

    Both Locking IEC Power Cords and Color Power Cords are available from HM Cragg. See below for various styles and types, along with features and benefits.

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  • Cable Accessories

    Power Cord Accessories, SecureSleeve

    Making the connection stronger by securing plugs with SecureSleeves. Providing a tighter fit on IEC cables can prevent inadvertent disconnects. SecureSleeves are available for C20, C14. Outlet caps and tool also available from HM Cragg.

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  • ePDU Cables

    Power Distribution Unit Cables, NEMA Cables IEC Cables

    Many ePDU products have cables that are specially designed to work with a specific model. HM Cragg is pleased to offer cables for all of these products including NEMA and IEC cables for models such as the TPC2105, PC2672, PC5585, PC302-I and many...

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  • Pre-Terminated Networking

    Pre-Terminated Networking Solutions

    Pre-Terminated Networking Solutions reduce installation time by 85% with copper and 95% with fiber, when compared to traditional field termination systems.

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