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Pre-Terminated Networking Solutions

Pre-Terminated Networking

Pre-Terminated Networking Solutions reduce installation time by 85% with copper and 95% with fiber, when compared to traditional field termination systems.

Pre-terminated connect-and-go systems for both copper and fiber cabling systems provide you with quick and easy installation, while providing the highest quality performance and space efficiency. This “plug and play” system does not require on-site termination, reducing the need for on-site testing dramatically reducing installation time.

Lengths can be customized to your specific needs and every termination is housed in a robust, protective cassette to make installation easy. Each cassette snaps easily into the modular panel, which fits into a standard 19” rack. High-density versions to maximize cabinet space are also available, as well as universal designs to allow both standard copper and fiber cassettes to be used within the same modular panel. A 1U modular panel can hold up to 4 cassettes and a 2U holds up to 8 cassettes.

Benefits provided by using these innovative pre-terminated networking solutions:

  • Minimized downtime and disruption to customer’s business
  • In-house cabling additions are quick and easy
  • Accommodates strict access and deadline pressures
  • Allows project deadlines to be met with a small staff

Space Efficiency

High-density solutions are available to maximize cabinet space. Auxiliary rails provide a zero U rack solution to maximize cabinet organization.

  • Copper – 48 connections 1U
  • Fiber – 288 connections 1U
  • Copper and Fiber Solutions also available in 0U
  • Copper and Fiber modularity – Copper and Fiber can be organized in the same 1U space.


  • Mission Critical Data Centers
  • Networks, Network Closets
  • Central Offices
  • Disaster recovery
  • Virtualized Environments

Copper and Fiber Modularity

The universal design allows for both standard copper and fiber cassettes to be used within the same modular panel. A 1U modular panel can hold up to 4 cassettes (fiber or copper) and the 2U holds up to 8 cassettes

Copper Solution – CAT 6A F/UTP, CAT 6 UTP/STP

  • 6-port links standard looms
  • 24 ports in 1U
  • 12 port links for CAT 6A UT
  • 48 ports in 1U
  • Standard loom is cassette-to-cassette, cassette to jack, plug or open configurations available.
  • Lengths customized to your specific needs

Fiber Solution – OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and SM options

  • Available in MTP*, LC and SC options
  • Up to 24 fiber links in standard looms (LC small form factor connections)
  • High density MTP option offers 72 fiber links
  • Up to 96 fibers in 1U
  • 288 fibers in 1U
  • Lengths customized to your specific needs