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Data Center Infrastructure Management

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Monitoring

CA Data Center Infrastructure Management (CA DCIM) available through HM Cragg captures detailed real-time information about energy use across data centers and mission critical facilities, helping to measure, trend, and alert problems. CA DCIM also provides a 3D visualization of the data center environment to manage the space, power and cooling capacity the environment to better meet business objectives. The solution also provides a baseline measurement of cost savings, improvements in capacity, and operational reliability and performance, as well as deliver continuous information for ongoing improvement.

  • Enables data collection from multiple systems and protocols, reducing manual efforts
  • Streamlines data collection from multiple sources and devices supplied by various vendors
  • Aggregates data from thousands of devices and hundreds of locations, display dashboards and trend charts to support smart decisions on improving data center efficiency
  • Provides monitoring and alarming for facilities, with visualization of power, space and cooling data for insight, analysis, and control
  • Enables capacity management for more effective use of data center infrastructure and planning
  • Provides visibility into space and power utilization, allowing for smart, real-time decision making


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