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Power Monitoring, Datacenter Control & Monitoring

Power Monitoring

Power spikes, surges, and other abnormalities can have a devastating domino effect on the variety of sensitive equipment that makes up mission-critical backup power systems.  HM Cragg’s full line of power monitoring solutions enables detailed tracking of power consumption for more accurate cost planning, troubleshooting, and infrastructure capabilities.

  • IQ Series Meters

    IQ Series Meters, Datacenter Control & Monitoring

    Today's advanced electronic metering devices from Eaton can provide accurate real-time system values, capture waveforms and system events, and graphically display or send data through a standard web browser.  Monitor the harmonics, voltage...

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  • Packet Power

    Packet Power, Datacenter Control & Monitoring

    Packet Power’s wireless energy monitoring solutions offer the rare opportunity to dramatically improve network visibility without the need for additional infrastructure. As a gateway cloud system, the Packet Power system is extremely simple...

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  • Branch Circuit Monitoring

    Eaton Energy Management, Branch Circuit Monitoring

    Despite the advancements of today’s complex backup power systems, a single point-of-failure remains—the branch circuit. Eaton’s Energy Management System is designed to continuously monitor the current on all breaker levels to...

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  • Rack Distribution and Monitoring

    Eaton ePDU Rack Distribution and Monitoring

    Enclosed Power Distribution Units (ePDU's) from Eaton offer many flexible ways to distribute power within your rack enclosure to your end equipment. All ePDU's are built with industrial-grade materials and offer features distinguish them from a...

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  • Intelligent Power Software Suite


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