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UPS Power Backup Systems, Eaton UPS Cards

UPS Cards

Enhance the connectivity ability of Eaton Uninterruptible Power Systems with any of Eaton’s management and monitoring cards available through HM Cragg.  Offering application-specific data, these solutions are designed to enable comprehensive management of a data center or power systems infrastructure

  • Web SNMP

    UPS Power Backup Systems, Eaton Web SNMP UPS Cards

    ConnectUPS™ Web/SNMP cards offer the ability to remotely monitor and manage your Eaton UPS through a standard web browser.

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  • Environmental

    Monitor UPS with Eaton Environmental Monitoring Probe

    The Eaton Environmental Monitoring Probe allows remote environmental monitoring of your Eaton UPS. The humidity and ambient temperature, as well as two additional contact devices, can be monitored through any standard web browser.

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  • Modbus and JBus

    Eaton UPS Modbus Card, Remote UPS Monitoring

    The Modbus Card from Eaton is an X-slot UPS connectivity device that provides reliable, continuous, and accurate remote monitoring of a UPS system. Incorporated through a Building Management System (BMS) or Industrial Automation System (IAS), the...

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  • Power Xpert UPS Card

    Eaton Power Xpert UPS Cards, PXGX 1000, PXGX 2000 Card

    Modern power systems require sophisticated data gathering and monitoring ability.  Eaton’s Power Expert Gateway provides a management portal into facilities containing switchgear, ATS, panelboards, and motor control centers.  The PXG...

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  • Relay Cards

    UPS Cards, Control and Monitoring, Relay Cards

    Relay cards are essential for control of your UPS systems.  Providing shutdown and monitoring through a dry-contact interface with any relay-connected computer, the relay interface card works in a variety of industrial applications, including...

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  • Alarm Serial

    Eaton Alarm Serial UPS Cards, Control and Monitoring

    This UPS Serial/Status Management Card from Eaton lets you interface with monitoring systems using contact-based status information.

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