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Datacenter Airflow Management, Eaton Wright Line

Airflow Management

Eaton Wright Line datacenter airflow management provides IT Infrastructure solutions, including IT rack enclosures, airflow management and heat containment, that are uniquely positioned to conserve capital, address changing business needs and meet evolving technology requirements. The company’s scalable designs, which can reduce energy cost up to 30% annually focus on an overall approach to handling data center environmental operations, including the efficient management of existing cooling, power distribution and cabling infrastructure – optimizing data center airflow. This approach provides the flexibility to implement incremental IT equipment additions, without investing in additional infrastructure.

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Eaton Wright Line Datacenter Independent Containment System

Independent Containment System

The culmination of Eaton Wright Line containment strategies is its patent-pending Independent Containment System (ICS), a free-standing, scalable, sustainable and vendor-neutral datacenter containment solution for high-density computing environments

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Eaton Datacenter Heat Containment System

Heat Containment System™

A simple, scalable and low cost solution which manages datacenter heat loads and easily integrates into your existing cooling infrastructure.

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HCS Installation
HCS Chimney Installation

Wright Line HCS Flexible Return Duct

HCS Flexible Return Duct

The Flexible Return Duct solution integrates with the Heat Containment System. The ideal solution for clients having enclosures that are off grid from drop ceilings, where obstacles preclude the use of sheet metal chimneys or have uneven ceilings throughout their data center.

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Eaton Wright Line Aisle Containment Ceiling

Aisle Containment Ceiling

The Aisle Containment Ceiling, used in conjunction with End of Row Doors or End of Row Curtains, completes the Eaton Wright Line total aisle containment solution.

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Eaton Wright Line End of Row Doors

End of Row Doors

End of Row Doors increase efficiency and equipment performance while reducing energy consumption.

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Eaton Wright Line End of Row Curtains

End of Row Curtains

End of Row Curtains are a simple, inexpensive solution for creating and maintaining proper aisle isolation in your data center.

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Eaton Wright Line Datacenter CRAC Collar

CRAC Collar

CRAC Collars create a closed-loop datacenter airflow system for your air conditioning units.

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Eaton Wright Line Datacenter HCS Active Airflow Manager

HCS Active Airflow Manager

Wright Line's HCS pressure-based Active Airflow Manager, when combined with best practices, improves performance metrics considerably.

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Eaton Wright Line Blanking Panels

Blanking Panels

Blanking Panels provide a quick, easy and cost-effective solution to optimize air circulation within an enclosure while maintaining high aesthetics. Offered in a variety of styles including tool-less, mechanically fastened, clear and with cable pass through options in steel as well as plastic.

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Eaton Wright Line Raised Floor Grommet

Raised Floor Grommet

Optimize the effectiveness of your existing cooling equipment while managing increasing heat loads with Eaton's Raised Floor Grommets. Our raised floor sealing system specifically addresses bypass airflow and its detrimental effect on data center cooling.

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