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Telecom Products

HM Cragg is your source for power electronics necessary to maintain uninterrupted service of telecommunications equipment in the event of power loss.  Batteries, rectifiers, inverters, and converters are available to provide a complete backup power solution.

  • Batteries

    DC Power Solutions, Telecom Batteries

    In critical telecommunications applications, maximum battery life is essential. Providing longer runtime and slower discharge rates, C&D Technologies’ line of flooded and valve regulated lead-acid batteries are designed to meet the rigors...

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  • Rectifiers & Power Systems

    DC Power Solutions, Telecom Rectifiers, Power Systems

    Designed specifically for telecommunications, utility, and industrial applications, C&D Technologies’ line of rectifiers works with a battery system to provide uninterruptible DC power. 

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  • DC-to-AC Inverters

    DC Power Solutions, Telecom DC-to-AC Inverters

    Power your industrial or telecommunications equipment with DC-to-AC inverters from HM Cragg.  For premium performance, quality design, and top-of-the-line functionality in the DC-to-AC power inverter arena, HM Cragg offers light weight,...

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  • DC-to-DC Converters

    DC Power Solutions, Telecom DC-to-DC Inverters

    For telecommunications applications, DC to DC converters provide efficient, highly regulated DC power, as well as protection against overloads, short circuits, and output overvoltages.  A wide selection of models are available with nominal DC...

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  • Power Components

    DC Power Solutions, Telecom Power Components

    As an authorized manufacturer’s representative of C&D Technologies, HM Cragg offers a complete line of power components to complement battery backup systems.

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