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IT Equipment Racks, Enclosures, Battery Racks System

Racks and Enclosures

Build your mission-critical IT infrastructure from a solid foundation.  Battery racks and enclosures provided by HM Cragg provide a stable home for sensitive power quality equipment.  Whatever the application—data centers, computer rooms, network closets—we have the battery rack system solution for you.

  • ReadyRACKS

    HM Cragg ReadyRACKS, IT Rack Power Solutions

    HM Cragg’s ReadyRACKS™ are designed to provide factory assembled rack and power solutions to protect critical equipment loads. Our integrated products are ready-to-ship, ready-to-deploy systems combining UPS backup power,...

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  • Standard Racks and Enclosures

    Standard Relay Racks and Enclosures

    Efficiently utilize floor space in IT rooms and data centers with racks and enclosures available through HM Cragg.  A secure environment is a crucial consideration when building a power system infrastructure.  With racks from Eaton and...

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  • NEMA Rated Enclosures

    NEMA Rated Racks and Enclosures

    NEMA rated enclosures can be customized to fit any application need. These highly versatile enclosures are designed for harsh environment applications. Facilities can depend on them to house and protect mission critical equipment from harsh...

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  • Battery Racks

    Battery Racks, UPS Battery Rack Systems

    Battery racks and battery rack systems manufactured by C&D Technologies are the industry standard for storing application-specific flooded or sealed (VRLA) battery strings. Their modular design allows for accessible maintenance and...

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  • Battery Spill Containment

    Battery Spill Containment

    In the event of a leak or spill, keep your battery rooms protected with spill containment kits from Enviroguard.  These UL-listed solutions comply with all local, state, and federal regulations and are designed to neutralize and contain...

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