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NEMA Rated Racks and Enclosures

NEMA Rated Enclosures

NEMA rated enclosures can be customized to fit any application need. These highly versatile enclosures are designed for harsh environment applications. Facilities can depend on them to house and protect mission critical equipment from harsh environmental conditions minimizing costly power outages. Pairing these enclosures with Falcon’s extreme temperature UPS also available through HMC gives you the ultimate harsh environment solution!


NEMA Rated Enclosure

NEMA Rated Enclosures

NEMA Enclosures allow for the deployment of UPS and other sensitive equipment in harsh or otherwise challenging environments by protecting from the elements.  The other main function is to provide a degree of protection to personnel against incidental contact with the enclosed equipment.

The most common enclosure rating is NEMA 4, in which they are constructed for either indoor or outdoor use to provide protection against falling dirt, rain, sleet, snow, windblown dust, splashing water, hose-directed water, and the formation of ice.  However, there are numerous other levels of specifications that can be engineered and built based on customized needs.  

The typical deployment is for industrial applications such as:

  • Manufacturing floors
  • Waste water treatment facilities
  • Energy plants
  • Oil/gas refineries

However, there are many other applications where either sensitive equipment or personnel need a level of protection. NEMA rated Enclosures are a perfect solution.

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