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Standard Relay Racks and Enclosures

Standard Racks and Enclosures

Efficiently utilize floor space in IT rooms and data centers with racks and enclosures available through HM Cragg.  A secure environment is a crucial consideration when building a power system infrastructure.  With racks from Eaton and Rittal, we have the space-saving foundation you need to efficiently house UPS equipment, power distribution units, and excess cable.


UPTIME Racks and Cabinets with cooling













UPTIME RACKS Modular Rack Cooling System 13

Uptime Racks Modular Rack Cooling System 13 (MRCS13) is ideal for small footprint network closets and computer rooms, providing efficient close-coupled cooling. Instead of cooling the entire room like traditional network closet air conditioners the MRCS13 cools only the space directly in front of your servers. The air conditioner sits below your IT equipment, and creates a curtain of cold air at the front of the rack.

Uptime’s modular concept allows you to configure (4) different sized open 4 post racks with the base MRCS13 cooling unit. Additionally the base MRCS13 cooling unit works with (2) different sized 2 post Telco racks. The MRCS12 is wheel mounted and for easy portability it can be separated into a top and bottom unit.

An optional front air dam can be mounted to the front of the 30U - 4 Post Rack to improve the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner. The additional air dam prevents the cold air from mixing with the warm air, and brings the efficiency on par with an air conditioned server cabinet. The 4 post rack provides easy access to IT equipment for frequent changes.

Features and Benefits

  • High Density Cooling: 13,000 Btu/hr (3.8 kW) @ 115 V
  • Cabinet Cooling Powered by: LOGO
  • Close-Coupled Cooling Design
  • Cold Aisle/Hot Aisle Configuration

Server Cabinet Features

  • 4 Post Rack Sizes: 36U/30U/24U/16U
  • 2 Post Telco Rack Sizes: 45U/24U
  • Easy Access to IT Equipment
  • Vertical Cable Organizer

Features and Benefits

  • Condenser exhaust kit
  • Front Air Dam
  • Leveling feet
  • Caster upgrade for high weigh installation

UPTIME Cabinets Product Sheet

UPTIME Racks Product Sheet

Eaton Paramaount - Performance Racks

Eaton Racks & Cooling - Performance Line

High performance configuration offers enhanced features for high-density cooling and containment. The new frame ensures zero air leakage  round the front perimeter of the unit and includes Eaton’s high flow door which features 75 percent open perforation pattern. Best of all,  his turnkey solution is ordered as a single product number; making the ordering process quick and easy.

  • Enhanced frame ensures zero leakage
  • High flow doors r with 75 percent open perforation pattern
  • Top panel with brushed openings for cable egress
  • Divider panel with cable pass-thru
  • 19 inch EIA-310 vertical mounting rails (quantity four) with U-markings
  • Vertical blanking panels with cable pass-thru for 30 inch wide models only
  • 2U cable management rings pre-installed in rear
  • Grounding pre-installed

Paramount Enclosure System Brochure

Eaton Vantage -Value Line Racks

Eaton Racks & Cooling - Value Line

  • Top panel provisions for Overhead Cable Management System offer flexibility and ease of deployment
  • Reversible and tool-less doors to ease in-field changes
  • Reversible top panel for flexible cable management access
  • Half-height divider panels for ease of deployment
  • Baying hardware included
  • 0.375" (9.52mm) square holes, #10-32 and #12-24 threaded hole vertical rail options
  • 583 sq. in. (14,808mm2) of open space in the base for bottom cable entry
  • Split rear doors that require less clearance in the service aisle
  • Top access leveling guides to increase speed of deployment

Vantage S2 Rack Brochure

Eaton Enclosed 19 in. Relay Racks

Other Eaton Enclosed Racks

Designed specifically for IT applications, Eaton enclosures are compatible with multiple vendors’ equipment as part of their design to maximize space in data centers, wiring closets, warehouses, and office environments.  Eaton’s enclosures are the first step in establishing a complete data center environment.

Visit Eaton's website for more information

Eaton Wall Mount Cabinets and Racks from HM Cragg





















Eaton Wall Mount Cabinets and Racks

Eaton’s wall mount cabinets and racks available through HM Cragg are a cost effective, secure way to mount communications cabling, networking gear and related equipment to conserve floor space. They are designed to work with network, IT, telecom, datacom, A/V or other applications. Wall mount cabinets provide a secure enclosure with protection from tampering and other hazards, while open-frame swing gate wall mount racks offer easy access to and unrestricted airflow around mounted equipment.

Eaton Wall Mount Cabinets: Features

  • Ventilation areas and fan kit adapters helps keep installed equipment cool
  • Includes locking solid steel or smoked Plexiglas insert door
  • Adjustable mounting rail system that can accommodate 12U of equipment
  • Removable rear sections allow for simple wall, conduit and/or bushing installation
  • Holds up to 200 pounds
  • Ships ready to mount as left-hinged or right-hinged and can be easily adjusted in the field as needed
  • Accommodates other Eaton accessories

Eaton Swing Gate Wall Mount Equipment Racks: Features

  • Open-frame design secures up to 13U of networking equipment to a wall and allow unrestricted airflow
  • Rack door can hinge to either side or be completely removed
  • One-way access to the back of mounted equipment
  • Holds up to 150 pounds when mounted to a suitable surface
  • Accommodates other Eaton accessories

Wall Mount Cabinets and Racks Brochure

Eaton Two Post Racks from HM Cragg

Eaton Two Post Racks

Eaton’s Two Post Rack products are designed to meet a variety of application requirements for data centers, network closets and colocation providers. Cable management is one of the critical functions of Two Post Racks, and HM Cragg offers both of Eaton’s vertical and horizontal management systems to increase flexibility and optimize performance.

  • Available in three configurations to meet multiple application requirements: three-inch upright, six-inch upright and Seismic Rack
  • Three- and six-inch configurations feature a robust extruded aluminum design, allowing for cost effective shipping
  • Durable design holds up to repeated
  • Multiple accessories simplify cable management
  • Black powder coat finish

Two Post Rack Brochure

Rittal Racks and Enclosures

Open Frame Racks from Rittal

Rittal’s open frame racks are perfectly suited to house computer and network equipment.  Accessible from all sides, Rittal’s network data racks are functional for either mobile or stationary applications.

  • 19” vertical frame
  • 14 ga/2mm
  • 300 lbs. load capacity
  • Torsion-free frame

Visit Rittal's website for more information

Rittal Racks and Enclosures

Rittal Enclosed Racks & Equipment Enclosures

HM Cragg is an authorized distributor of Rittal enclosures.  Manufactured from carbon, stainless steel, fiberglass, or aluminum, industrial enclosures from Rittal provide durable protection for IT infrastructure and backup power systems equipment.

Visit Rittal's website for more information