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UPS Battery Safety Equipment, OSHA certified

Safety Equipment

Maintaining a safe workplace is an essential step to improving efficiency and productivity.  Equip your workplace and protect your staff with OSHA-certified, code-compliant safety equipment.

  • Battery Spill Containment

    Battery Spill Containment

    In the event of a leak or spill, keep your battery rooms protected with spill containment kits from Enviroguard.  These UL-listed solutions comply with all local, state, and federal regulations and are designed to neutralize and contain...

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  • Clean-up


    In the event of a battery spill, HM Cragg has the products you need to safely and thoroughly clean up battery acid spills. Clean-up kits by Enviroguard come in different sizes for cleaning up minor spills and responding to multiple incidents.

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  • Personal Safety Equipment

    Personal Safety Equipment

    Protect your employees with code-compliant safety equipment.  OSHA-approved personal safety products can minimize the potential chemical hazards present in a battery testing environment.

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  • Safety Signs

    Safety Signs

    Keep your battery rooms and hazardous workplaces clearly marked with highly visible safety signs approved by OSHA and the NFPA.

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  • Eye Wash Stations

    Eye Wash Stations

    Eyewash stations are a required safety precaution for hazardous battery rooms or other environments with potentially dangerous chemicals present.  Prevent serious eye injury in the case of an emergency with eyewash stations from Enviroguard and...

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