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Advanced Technology Solutions

Advanced Technology Solutions

HM Cragg offers a complete Technology Solutions platform that compliments and supports the products we sell.  With today’s complex, technologically advanced products, providing you with the right tools and services to solve and address complicated business needs, is paramount for success. We are a rarity in the industry being one of the only distributors uniquely positioned to deliver complex and user defined applications. Your facility requires a flexible and resilient infrastructure to respond to dynamic business demands. HM Cragg Advanced Technology Solutions can help you plan for and satisfy project product and services procurement, inventory management, deployment schedules, asset tagging and dynamic warehous­ing with a structured delivery method, providing technology and service expertise, as well as agile project management. 

HM Cragg’s Advanced Technology Solutions can assist with complex infrastructure upgrades, refreshes, expansions and consolidations, helping you speed the fulfillment of your key business initiatives while maintaining business as usual with our “Zero Downtime Fulfillment Strategies”. 

HM Cragg stands ready to be your fulfillment channel and strategic fulfillment partner providing customized service offerings with our award winning customer services. 

Integration Services

  • Web Card Install and Configuration
  • Rack Component Building and Staging
  • Large Project Rollout Warehousing and Deployment
  • Turnkey Data Center Retrofits and Upgrades
  • Zero Downtime Fulfillment Strategies
  • Project Development Support