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Airflow Management Solutions, CFD

Airflow Management Solutions

Airflow Management Solutions available through HM Cragg offer an innovative 6-step combination of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling, airflow management, and professional services to manage airflow in your data center and distribute it to the heat load. These solutions decrease your overall kW draw, providing significant energy savings. In most cases this is accomplished without the installation of any additional CRAC units.

What an Airflow Management System does:

  • Eliminates hot spots
  • Directs more cool air to the heat load
  • Completely balances your data center airflow
  • Improves A/C unit return air temperatures to maximize efficiency
  • Reduces your energy costs on average by 23%
  • Monitors cold aisle temperatures in real time
  • Maintains an efficient environment moving forward

Custom 6-Step Solution Approach:


Step 1: Full Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis
The CFD Analysis will show how efficiently your room is operating from an airflow standpoint. Once the analysis is complete, HM Cragg will customize the Airflow Management solution to improve your specific data center conditions.


Step: 2 Air Balancers (Subfloor Applications)
By slowing down and balancing the subfloor air, HM Cragg delivers 90%+ CFM through perforated tiles. Air balancers are strategically placed, using intellectual properties from the CFD Analysis, to enhance and balance static pressure.


Step 3: Cold Air Management
The data center space is never the same. Every environment is different and requires a professional, custom approach. Some of the techniques used in this step of the solution may include the following:
      - Perforated tile management
      - Addition of high-perforated tiles where needed
      - Sealing of all unmanaged openings and cable cut-outs
      - Cold aisle containment
      - Blanking Panels


Step 4: Heat and Return Air Management
By using innovative approaches to eliminate warm air from re-circulating in to the cold aisle, the airflow management solution will maximize hot air removal from the critical equipment.


Step 5: Environmental Monitoring
Environmental sensors installed at the rack level allow visibility to real-time equipment temperatures. Sensors provide real-time temperatures every 20 seconds and set thresholds to stay within ASHRAE standards for critical servers. Through a quarterly health check program that HM Cragg provides, data center managers stay in control with real-time equipment temperatures, helping to maximize energy savings.


Step 6: Maintaining the Efficiencies
With every customized implementation, an annual maintenance program is included. The purpose of the maintenance program is to not only sustain an efficient environment after a solution implementation, but also to continually work with the client in identifying and applying additional efficiency measures. HM Cragg prides itself on the ability to rectify a data center’s issues, and then continue to add value to a client’s data center moving forward.

By combining the technology of CFD with the custom 6-step solution approach, HM Cragg can both identify a data center’s inefficiencies as well as implement a custom rectification solution. Once the data center has been optimized, CRAC unit set points, Chiller set points, and the number of required CRAC units to efficiently cool the room can all be modified to achieve significant energy savings.

View the Airflow Management Solutions brochure.