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  • Increase Server Energy Efficiencies by Using High - Voltage Power Supplies and 208V UPSs
    Maximizing energy efficiencies in today’s SMB IT enterprise is rapidly becoming an important factor in saving costs and reducing an organization’s carbon footprint.
  • 10 ways to increase power system availability
    Fortunately, organizations can significantly mitigate their exposure to power-related downtime by adopting proven changes to their business processes and electrical power system management practices. This white paper discusses 10 such underutilized best practices for building and maintaining a highly available data center power infrastructure.
  • Alternative Data Center Power 400 V
    This paper provides a quantitative analysis of 400V AC and 600V AC power distribution systems, at power load levels ranging from 300 kVA to 10 MVA, to determine which offers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Is an energy wasting data center draining your bottom line
    This analysis shows that 400V AC power distribution offers a high degree of energy efficiency for modern data centers, significantly reducing capital and operational expenditures and total cost of ownership, compared to 600V AC and traditional 480V AC power systems. Recent developments in UPS technology—including the introduction of transformer-less UPSs with new energy management features— further enhance a 400V AC power distribution system to maximize energy efficiency
  • Optimizing Power Distribution
    This white paper shows why 30 amp (30A) three-phase circuits and 30A three-phase PDUs meet those demands more efficiently than comparable 20A and 50A alternatives. It also explains why utilizing 30A three-phase circuits and PDUs today puts you in the best position to handle future power capacity needs.