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DC-to-AC Inverters

Power your industrial or telecommunications equipment with DC-to-AC inverters from HM Cragg.  For premium performance, quality design, and top-of-the-line functionality in the DC-to-AC power inverter arena, HM Cragg offers light weight, modular, redundant inverter systems.  Hot-swappable capabilities and modular designs offer expandable power levels and the cleanest true sine wave available.

DC-to-AC Inverters from Exeltech

Exeltech DC to AC Power Inverters

MX Inverter Series

Exeltech’s MX series of truly redundant inverters provide easily expandable power levels with “hot-swappable” power modules that can be replaced without interruption to your mission-critical loads.


  • N+1 Redundant
  • Expandable
  • Remote Switching
  • True Sine Wave
  • "Hot-insertable"
  • 1000 Watt Modules
  • Remote Metering
  • Adjustable Power

Exeltech MX Inverter Spec Sheet

DC-to-AC Inverters from CE+T

Twin Sine Inverter Technology (TSI) from CE+T America is designed for critical power applications in need of enhanced reliability, performance, and efficiency.  The TSI technology can utilize both DC and AC sources to support loads—seamlessly transferring power in and out of a facility while providing filtered AC main power to sensitive infrastructure equipment.  “Hot-swappable” power modules can be added without disruption, providing on-demand power systems growth.

CE+T AC to DC TSI Media Inverter

TSI Media Inverter System

For total modularity and maximum power in limited space, the CE+T Media System inverter features AC-to-AC conversion that double filters and isolates the AC input.  With available “Enhanced Power Conversion” (EPC) mode, you can increase overall efficiency to 94% while delivery disturbance-free power despite common power disturbances such as surges, spikes, and voltage fluctuations.

  • Scalable up to 6 kVA
  • Hot Swappable means of disconnect
  • Distributed Static Transfer Switch (STS) function
  • Removes system Single Point of Failure
  • Parallelable for redundancy and increased reliability
  • Automatic load sharing when paralleled
  • System sound handling of internal or load generated short circuits

CE+T TSI Media Spec Sheet

CE+T 3-Phase Bravo AC-to-DC inverter system

Bravo 3-Phase 75 kVA Inverter System

Since 1936, CE+T has provided power conversion technology to meet the ever-changing demands of growing backup power system demands.  Their Twin Sine Technology (TSI) makes it easy to adapt to future AC requirements without compromising power systems or exposing loads to unpredictable power.

  • Energy Efficient – the Twin Sine Inverter (TSI ) performance is unmatched in the industry
  • Maximum Reliability
  • Up to 10 kVA in one 19 inch 2U rack space
  • Efficiency up to 95%
  • 75 kVA 3-phase and 80 kVA dual phase in one cabinet with additional U space for rectifiers
  • Hot Swappable 2.5 kVA or 1.5 kVA TSI modules simplify replacement or growth additions
  • Remote Monitoring via SNMP option

CE+T 3-Phase Bravo System Spec Sheet