Backup Power as a Service from HM Cragg

Why Backup Power as a Service?

  • Provide end-users with a known fixed operating expense
  • The reseller sets the margin for the service contract
  • HM Cragg is steward of the contract with Eaton providing on-site service/maintenance, so no extra hassle to the Reseller!
  • End-user makes monthly payments to HM Cragg, then we make monthly payments to the Reseller!
  • End-user can upgrade to larger system while still under contract (upon approval from HM Cragg).
  • OPEX vs CAPEX – payment for service may be treated as an operating expense, depending on end-user’s accounting practices
  • Eaton service team monitors the equipment and provides preventative maintenance and service

How Backup Power as a Service Works for a Reseller:

  1. If interested, contact your HM Cragg Sales Manager and request a firm service quote.
  2. A firm service quote will be generated and sent to you.
  3. You determine the monthly markup and HM Cragg sends final quote for you to deliver to your customer.
  4. Customer signs agreement and sends to HM Cragg for credit check and approval.
  5. HM Cragg ships system to customer.
  6. Customer or reseller installs system.
  7. Eaton service team visits and starts up the system.
  8. HM Cragg bills monthly to your customer.
  9. HM Cragg sends monthly check to reseller.
  10. Eaton monitors, services and provides PM on system.
  11. After 2-year initial term ends, options include:
    – continue service on month-to-month basis
    – upgrade to the latest technology with new contract
    – return equipment to HM Cragg
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