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Telecom Maintenance

Telecom Maintenance

Our team of Telcordia-trained technicians has experience with a variety of manufacturers’ power systems, including racking, cabling, grounding, and backup batteries.  Keep your power systems infrastructure working for you with timely maintenance and monitoring provided by HM Cragg.

  • Battery Inspections

    UPS Battery Inspection, UPS Battery Testing

    Since 1968, HM Cragg’s dedicated service department has provided quality, in-depth battery inspections and testing of flooded and valve regulated lead-acid batteries. Timely battery maintenance is essential in ensuring an optimum load capacity...

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  • Power Audits

    Power Audits

    Evaluate your current backup power capabilities with the help of HM Cragg. A properly managed power system is the foundation for running a reliable, safe, and efficient organization. Whether you find your business starting from scratch or...

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  • Service Contacts

    Service Contacts

    At HM Cragg, we strive to support our customers’ critical power systems and backup power applications with available maintenance service contract offerings. Routine scheduled maintenance is the most effective action against downtime. Our...

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  • Grounding System Inspections

    Grounding System Inspections

    HM Cragg has the experienced and Telcordia-trained staff available to handle installations, upgrades, repairs, and modifications to grounding systems in a variety of telecommunications environments. Our grounding experience includes working with:

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  • Load Testing

    HM Cragg provides load testing services for batteries (flooded and VRLA) and power plants.  Performed to IEEE standards, a load test conducted by HM Cragg will include a complete rundown of your backup power system in order to accurately gauge...

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