This Month:

  • New Eaton High Density Power Distribution Unit
  • Stocked to Support Eaton 9170 UPSs, Modules
  • Updated Eaton UPS/Power Handbook

New Eaton High Density Power Distribution Unit

The Eaton High Density rack power distribution unit (PDU) builds off the best-in-class power distribution of Eaton’s ePDU G3 platform. With all the features you have come to expect from G3 rack PDUs, the HD rack PDU offers the additional benefits of configurability, improved outlet counts and color chassis options.

Product features:

  • Over 22,000 possible configurations
  • Up to 54 outlets in 42U, or fewer for smaller racks
  • Two configurable outlet modules, with 11 outlet module options
  • Individual outlet switching
  • +/-1% billing grade accuracy for measuring power consumption
  • Measure Level 3 PEU

Click here for Eaton’s brochure on the new HD PDU.

HM Cragg Stocked to Support Eaton 9170 UPSs with Battery and Power Modules

Eaton’s 9170 UPS has been a proven workhorse and backbone for backup power systems for many years. Although the 9170 is no longer being manufactured, companies using the 9170 will continue to operate and maintain these systems for years to come.

Whether your customer needs a battery replacement, additional battery modules or a capacity upgrade, HM Cragg has stocked up on a large inventory of 9170 battery and power modules to assist with these needs. Please get in touch with us for a quote today so that you can help keep your customer’s systems maintained and operating at the highest levels.

Updated Eaton UPS & Power Management Fundamentals Handbook

Eaton’s new & improved UPS and Power Management Fundamentals Handbook is your one-stop source for essential information. Whether you need power protection for small, medium or large data centers; health care facilities; or other environments in which ensuring uptime and safeguarding data are critical, the new handbook has useful information for you.

From plug and receptacle charts and facts about power problems to an overview of various UPS topologies and factors affecting battery life, you’ll find a wealth of pertinent resources designed to help you develop the optimum solution.

Click here to download Eaton’s UPS and Power Management Fundamentals Handbook.

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