Experienced Utility Battery Backup Support

HM Cragg’s trained technicians can handle all of your utility battery backup needs. Enjoy seamless telecommunication grounding service installations, upgrades, repairs and modifications with an experienced team that has worked with power plants, equipment frames, and common systems equipment.

Keep your system infrastructure working for you with timely HM Cragg switchgear and control inspections, power audits and professional consultations. HM Cragg provides a variety of switchgear and control applications that are designed specifically for your business needs. Our grounding system services are scheduled around you to ensure your operations stay uninterrupted.

All HM Cragg technicians are commercially licensed and certified. Contact our team for quotes and availability.

Battery Installation & Removal

Whether you need a single battery replaced or a completely new battery string installed, HM Cragg can handle your unique power systems maintenance. Our experienced Telcordia-trained technicians have been serving the upper Midwest since 1968. We can take care of your battery replacements from beginning to end, including removal and disposal of spent batteries. Our dedicated service team will work around your schedule to maintain zero downtime and keep your backup power facilities running smoothly.

For quotes or to schedule service, please contact us.

For more information about our Utility services, download a flyer here.

HM Cragg technicians are commercially licensed and certified to haul hazmat batteries and related materials. As an authorized hazmat transporter, we work in conjunction with local recycling facilities to ensure that proper disposal procedures are met.

HM Cragg strictly follows the Environmental Protection Agency’s rules and regulations when disposing and recycling batteries and other hazardous materials. As part of our services, we provide certificates to customers that serve as evidence that the consumption of spent lead-acid batteries has sufficiently followed EPA standards.

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