UPS, Battery, and Environmental Monitoring Systems

There is a massive difference between having a continuous supply of power and having control over a continuous supply of power and its downstream effects. Our UPS battery-monitoring systems and environmental monitoring systems are designed to help you manage your IT infrastructure with precision. Balance loads, prevent overload conditions, make arrangements for future energy needs, and know when your IT environment is outside set limits. Monitoring equipment provides valuable insights on the status of your power and environment, so you can take notice when something goes wrong or rest assured when things are running smoothly.

The Importance of Effective Environmental Monitoring

There are countless factors that can impact your IT infrastructure — many of which are difficult to observe without the right devices. From reduced battery performance (run time) to temperature and humidity issues to balancing loads, our equipment keeps your team in the loop on the status of your IT infrastructure. Why does monitoring matter? It can help prevent downtime by alerting your team of dangerous environmental conditions, irregular performance or potential issues down the road. Taking a proactive approach with monitoring equipment can prevent costly setbacks that cost both time and money. 

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About HM Cragg

HM Cragg has been providing quality backup power solutions since 1968 as a manufacturer’s representative and distributor of uninterruptible power systems, generators, power electronics, backup battery applications, and other complementary products. Headquartered in Edina, MN, we maintain a national presence with, four distribution centers (Minnesota, Virginia, Texas and Nevada), and sales personnel located across the country. As an employee-owned company, our “owners” represent the values of the company – honesty, trust, integrity, ethics, and knowledge. This translates into a customer experience that’s a “WOW" or we make it right!
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