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Eaton NEMA and IEC C13 and C19 Power Cords

EC60320 C13 and C19 cables are commonly used on electronic equipment such as computers, monitors, and servers to ensure international compatibility across different countries’ standards. For example, the most common cable is the C13, which is used to power standard PCs and monitors. With today’s high-power applications, the C19 connector is becoming more common for use with servers and power distribution units (ePDU).Each connector has two part numbers. The female is always an odd number (C13) and the male is always the next even number (C14). Most standard PCs have a C14 male inlet and in the US use a C13 (female) to standard 5-15 plug cord-set.


  • Designed to allow equipment to be plugged into different outlets
  • International design allows for use in multiple countries
  • C13/C14 Cables 100-250VAC, 10A 47-63 HZ
  • C19/C20 Cables 100-250VAC, 16A 47-63 HZ


C13/C14 Jumper Power Cords

IEC60320 C13 C14 Jumper Power Cords
  • 010-0025 8 ft C13 to C14 Cord-set, 100-240VAC 10A
  • 010-0027 6 ft C13 to C14 Cord-set, 100-240VAC 10A
  • 010-0028 4 ft C13 to C14 Cord-set, 100-240VAC 10A
  • 010-0029 2 ft C13 to C14 Cord-set, 100-240VAC 10A


C19/C20 Jumper Power Cords

IEC60320 C19 C20 Power Cords
  • 010-9342 8 ft C19 to C20 Cord-set, 100-240VAC 16A

C19 North American (NEMA) Adapter Power Cords

IEC60320 C19 North American Adapter Power Cords
  • 010-9334 8 ft C19 to 5-15P Cord-set, 120VAC 15A
  • 010-9335 8 ft C19 to 5-20P Cord-set, 120VAC 20A
  • 010-9336 8 ft C19 to 6-15P Cord-set, 208-240VAC 15A
  • 010-9337 8 ft C19 to 6-20P Cord-set, 208-240VAC 20A
  • 010-9338 8 ft C19 to L5-15P Cord-set, 120VAC 15A
  • 010-9339 8 ft C19 to L5-20P Cord-set, 120VAC 20A
  • 010-9340 8 ft C19 to L6-15P Cord-set, 208-240VAC 15A
  • 010-9341 8 ft C19 to L6-20P Cord-set, 208-240VAC 20A

IEC60320 C19 International Adapter Power Cords

IEC60320 C19 International Adapter Power Cords
  • 010-9343 8 ft C19 to CEE7-7 (Europe Schuko), 230VAC 16A
  • 010-9351 8 ft C19 to BS1363A (British), 230VAC 13A
  • 010-9344 8 ft C19 to BS546A (British Old Standard), 230VAC 15A
  • 010-9345 8 ft C19 to AS/NZS 3112 (Australian), 220-240VAC 15A
  • 010-9346 8 ft C19 to SI32 (Israeli), 220-240VAC 16A
  • 010-9347 8 ft C19 to CEI23-16 (Italian), 220-240VAC 16A


MISC IEC60320 Adapter Power Cords

IEC60320 Misc Adapter Power Cords
  • 010-0031 1 ft C14 to CEE7 Schuko Cord-set, 230VAC 10A
  • 010-0032 1 ft C14 to 5-15R Cord-set, 120VAC 10A
  • 010-9365 8 ft C14 to C19 Cord-set, 100-240VAC 10A

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