C&D Flooded

C&D Technologies’ flooded batteries are engineered to provide superior performance and reliability over the life of the product. These batteries are designed using proprietary techniques and quality components and materials for reduced maintenance and extended battery life.


  • 18 product designs optimized for specific applications
  • 20 Year Service Life
  • Telecom sizes from 50 AH to 4000 AH, many NEBS Certified
  • Utility sizes from 50 AH to 4000 AH
  • UPS sizes from 370 WPC TO 7523 WPC
  • Choice of jar materials

C&D LCT-II TEL Brochure

C&D LCUN SGC Brochure

C&D LCZ TEL Brochure

C&D MCT TEL Brochure

C&D MCT-HP TEL Brochure

C&D MCT-II NEBS Rack Brochure

C&D XDJ UPS Brochure

C&D XT - XT Plus - XTH UPS SGC Brochure

C&D 4 LCY SGC Brochure

C&D 4 LCY TEL Brochure

C&D D - DJ - DJU - J - K - L - XT Rack Brochure

C&D DCU - DU - SGC Brochure

C&D DCU - DU - TEL Brochure

C&D DJ SGC Brochure

C&D DJ TEL Brochure

C&D DJU SGC Brochure

C&D JC SGC Brochure

C&D JC TEL Brochure

C&D KCR - KAR - SGC Brochure

C&D KCT - KT - TEL Brochure

C&D LCR - LCY - LAR - SGC Brochure

C&D LCT - LT - TEL Brochure

C&D LCT-HP TEL Brochure

C&D MCT-II Rack Brochure

Additional information


Data Center, Telecom, Utility



Capacity aH



Midwest/Great Plains



Terminal Location


Product Type

DC Power

About HM Cragg

HM Cragg has been providing quality backup power solutions since 1968 as a manufacturer’s representative and distributor of uninterruptible power systems, generators, power electronics, backup battery applications, and other complementary products. Headquartered in Edina, MN, we maintain a national presence with, four distribution centers (Minnesota, Virginia, Texas and Nevada), and sales personnel located across the country. As an employee-owned company, our “owners” represent the values of the company – honesty, trust, integrity, ethics, and knowledge. This translates into a customer experience that’s a “WOW" or we make it right!
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