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When the power goes out, only the organizations with a plan can ensure continuity. We are here to help you prepare for the next inevitable power outage so you have the resources it takes to remain productive and profitable, no matter the circumstances.

When you choose HM Cragg for your power generator services, you are choosing to keep your business up and running when other organizations experience downtime. Whether it’s a storm or an unexpected power fluctuation that leads to outages in your area, creating a fallback with HM Cragg provides peace of mind for a wide range of scenarios.

Many business owners talk about “keeping the lights on” when expressing their desire to remain in business. Without a continuous supply of power, it’s impossible to provide customers, clients or patients with the services they expect. When you utilize our services, you can be confident that you and your stakeholders will be protected from unexpected power loss.

HM Cragg provides customers with:

  • Factory-authorized Generac Industrial Services
  • Professional maintenance for ALL generator brands
  • Factory-certified technicians
  • Experience with Nebraska generator requirements
  • GPS-equipped vehicles to ensure timely service
Contact HM Cragg Nebraska directly at:

11937 Portal Road, Suite 107, Omaha, NE 68128
Phone: 800-672-7244

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HM Cragg: Generator installation and maintenance services.
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Keep Your Operations Running Smoothly with HM Cragg PowerON Generator Maintenance in Nebraska
  • Four service levels with options for every budget
  • Yearly oil and fuel filter changes
  • EPA-friendly filter disposals
  • Free quotes with repair recommendations
  • Generator repair in Nebraska available 24/7
  • Technical assistance available by phone

Beyond our standard maintenance, we offer additional manufacturer-recommended tune-ups:

  • Load banking
  • Oil sampling and analysis
  • Fuel conditioning
  • Fuel sampling and analysis
  • Battery replacement
  • Air filter change
  • Cooling system overhaul and fill

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Industrial generator service, maintenance and emergency repair is provided throughout the state of Nebraska and is convenient to Omaha NE and surrounding areas. Service is provided on site, state-wide.