PowerPlay: April 2018

/PowerPlay: April 2018

PowerPlay: April 2018

This Month:

  • Eaton’s New 9PXM Modular UPS,
  • Product Reminder: HM Cragg Carries Zonit Micro Automatic Transfer Switches,
  • Eaton “Professor Wattson” Video

Eaton’s New 9PXM Modular UPS

Eaton will soon be releasing its new 9PXM UPS, which is a scalable, modular, flexible solution that combines the highest level of reliability with the lowest cost of ownership in the 4–20 kVA range. It is replacing the 9170+ as Eaton’s modular offering, with expected availability in June. The 9PXM enables you to build a power solution specific to your customer’s needs, and to expand redundancy and runtime as needs change.

IT applications include:

  • small/medium data center
  • colocation data center
  • edge data center
  • network closets

Download Eaton’s 9PXM brochure here, or contact your Sales Manager for more details.

Product Reminder: HM Cragg Carries Zonit Micro Automatic Transfer Switches

Zoneit’s μATS is the smallest Automatic Transfer Switch available. It connects single powered devices (only one power supply) to dual power. It consumes no rack space and is commonly used with devices such as firewalls, routers, servers, network switches, legacy equipment, cooling fans and other IT devices.

μATS Main Advantages

  • Connects Single powered IT devices to Data Center Dual power
  • Uses Zero U’s in the cabinet—world’s smallest ATS
  • Highest availability—only “one to one” solution available
  • Survives generational upgrades to eliminate need for 2nd power supply
  • Phases don’t need to be aligned to switch

Click here to download HM Cragg’s Partner Page with full details

Eaton “Professor Wattson” Video

In this Eaton “Professor Wattson” video, the professor tackles rack hygiene. When the cables in your server rack look like tangled vines, it’s more than an organizational issue. The right cable management better protects your equipment by increasing airflow.

Click here to watch the video

Please note that some products referenced in this communication might not be available for sale in all territories.
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