Generac Generators: Reliable Power for Your Business

Generac Generator, Industrial Bi-Fuel, HM Cragg

Generac Generators and automatic transfer switches are designed to eliminate risks. Business downtime can be more than a headache, a lack of power can cost you money. Whether the cause is a storm, power surge or rolling blackouts, your access to power can be interrupted – unless you are prepared.

Generac Generators: Continuous Power and Reliability

Generac designs and manufactures dependable generators, with all testing and development done in-house. Selecting the right generator for your needs – gaseous, diesel, or bi-fuel, with appropriate kW rating – ensures the performance you need for even the toughest applications. Harsh environments? Healthcare, educational facility or data center applications? Generac’s more than 5 decades of industrial generator manufacturing experience provides the durability and performance you expect.

HM Cragg Expertise: Selecting and Maintaining Your Industrial Generator

At HM Cragg, our team begins by learning your organization’s needs, and developing a strategic plan designed specifically for your facility. From there we can assist with additional aspects of generator implementation, such as site surveys, project management, generator testing, and more. Beyond the purchase, a well-maintained Generac generator will be ready to provide power when your business needs it most. HM Cragg is an exclusive factory-authorized Generac Industrial Service provider for Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska.

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