Mobile DC Power System: Mobile Battery Trailer

Mobile DC Power Systems: Customized and Built to Order. Designed, engineered and built by HM Cragg, the Mobile Power System caters to electric utility, outdoor event and telecommunications applications where portable emergency or temporary DC power is needed. Each unit is customized to meet the specifications and system requirements of the customer.

Dependable, Mobile DC Power

  • Accessible and portable emergency or temporary AC or DC power for critical facilities
  • Reliable temporary DC power when a critical stationary battery or DC power system is required to be taken out of service for emergency or planned maintenance, or for testing including NERC Standard PRC005-02 compliance testing and replacement
  • Reliable temporary AC power for off-grid events or uninterruptible AC power for temporary events
  • Black start capability and power restoration
  • DOT compliant
  • Customer arrangement and electrical drawings available

Mobile Battery Trailer Features:

  • Steel frame with aluminum exterior cladding
  • Insulated interior sidewalls & ceiling w/ vinyl liner
  • High performance decking with choice of floor covering
  • Interior LED lighting & 120 VAC receptacles
  • Side or roof air vents with ventilation fan
  • Roof-mount A/C, baseboard convection heat
  • and much more! View attached PDF for specifications and details

When you need reliable and accessible DC power designed and built to your specifications, the Mobile Power System by HM Cragg is an ideal solution.