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NetClosure RFP Series Open Frame Rack

Open Frame Racks provide users with a versatile, customizable solution engineered to meet a diverse set of rack mounting needs. Ranging in heights from 44U to 58U, this rack optimizes cooling and promotes easy wiring, making it ideal for high density installations. It is perfect for data center deployment. It includes a vertical cable organizer, as well as support for power strips, PDUs and for APC tool-less mounting. This rack features square holes, works perfectly with tool-less rails and it’s quick and easy to assemble. The Open Frame Rack is compatible with 19” equipment developed by all of the leading OEMs including: Dell, HP, IBM and Super Micro. The Open Frame Rack also features a number of new design attributes built specifically for data center deployment. The bottom of the open case has flush floor mounts that spread the rack’s payload evenly over the floor. It can also be ordered with optional side and top panels. The top panel comes with or without holes for cable pass-through.


  • Rack height 44U – 58U
  • Universal square holes, cage nuts included
  • Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco compatible
  • 44U, 50U, 55U and 58U
  • 3000 lbs (1360 kgs) capacity
  • Meets EIA, 19″ standards
  • Optimizes cooling and makes wiring easy
  • 5″ Vertical cable organizer included
  • Streamlined support for power strips, PDUs
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Designed for data centers, high density installations, cloud & virtualization providers
  • Flush floor mount spreads load on floor tiles
  • Optional side & filler panels
  • Optional top panel with cable pass-throughs

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